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The Ultes scientific-engineering company was founded in 1991. The Ultes Company is a designer and manufacturer of equipment for automatic, mechanized and manual ultrasonic examination which provides maximum reliability, output and information content of the quality control process with the minimum involvement of a flaw-detection operator. The company employs highly qualified acoustic flaw-detection experts, electronic engineers, programmers and designers. The leading experts of the company have been awarded the international Roentgen-Sokolov medal. Our products have made a good showing in power engineering, the oil and gas production and processing industries, at Gazprom enterprises, steel construction works, transport organizations, the building industry, aviation etc. Use of up-to-date technologies, components and materials and advanced developments are the basis for the reliability and high quality of our product. The Ultes offers the following equipment:

The company is ready to design flaw-detecting equipment compliant with the latest requirements.


Roentgen-Sokolov medal