Installation for automatic ultrasonic examination of pipe ends

Installation of automatic ultrasonic testing pipe ends

The “SCANNER” automated gaging installation for ultrasonic examination with automatic registration and interpretation of examination results (model No 7.04) is intended for the inspection of pipe ends to detect delamination and longitudinal and transverse defects over the entire wall thickness of seamless hot-rolled pipes Ø159–426 mm and wall thickness 6–40 mm during the pipe manufacturing process. Ultrasonic oscillations are introduced by the aperture method, and drinking water is used as the contact fluid. The length of pipe ends to be examined is 300 mm. The installation meets the requirements of ASTM E 213, ASTM A 106, SEP 1915, GOST 17410, ISO 3183-3, ISO 10124 for the ultrasonic examination of pipes manufactured according to API 5L, API 5D, API 5 CT, GOST 632, GOST 633, GOST 550, GOST 8731. The installation operates under workshop conditions.

Acoustic unit for automatic ultrasonic testing pipe ends

Technical characteristics:
  • Object of ultrasonic examination: low-alloy and carbon steel seamless hot-formed pipes;
  • Pipe diameter: 159–426 mm;
  • Wall thickness range: 6–40 mm;
  • Pipe length: 8–13 m;
  • Curvature of pipe ends: no more than 3 mm/m;
  • External surface roughness as after rolling;
  • Pipe temperature in examination zone: + 5…+ 50°С;
  • Pipe transportation: advancing with rotation;
  • Speed of rotation: up to 120 mm/sec;
  • Weight of electronic flaw detector unit: 20 kg;
  • Weight of acoustic units: 10 kg;
  • Weight of acoustic unit raising/lowering mechanism: 45 kg;
  • Weight of control unit: 10 kg;
  • Dimensions:
    • electronic unit: 620 x 210 x 230 mm;
    • acoustic unit: 170 x 25 x 45 mm;
    • control unit: 550 x 300 x 160 mm;
  • Number of channels of flaw detector:
    • pulse generation: 32;
    • pulse reception: 32;
  • Monitoring pulse probing frequency: 1.0–20.0 MHz;
  • Monitoring pulse repetition frequency: 1000–5000 Hz;
  • Generator operating modes:
    • serial;
    • synchronous;
  • Number of strobe pulses of the automatic defect warning in each control channel: up to 5;
  • Independent strobe-pulse control;
  • Power supply voltage: 220 ±10% V;
  • Power consumption: not more than 300 VA;
  • Operating mode setting time: not more than 1 min;
  • Operating pressure in pneumatic system: not more than 7×105 Pa;
  • Air flow in pneumatic system: not more than 1500 l/min;
  • Time of continuous operation: at least 24 hours;

Acoustic unit for automatic ultrasonic testing pipe ends

Structure of the installation:
  • electronic unit: “SCANNER” automatic ultrasonic gaging installation (32 channels) with software support for display and archiving of results of examination;
  • acoustic units;
  • acoustic unit suspension system;
  • contact fluid feed system;
  • pneumatically driven mechanisms;
  • paint marking system.

Установка автоматизированного ультразвукового контроля концов труб


Demonstration of the installation