Installation for automatic ultrasonic examination of welded pipe joints

Установка АУЗК сварных швов труб

The “SCANNER” automated gaging installation for ultrasonic examination is intended for automatic ultrasonic examination of longitudinal and spiral welds and weld regions of longitudinally and spiral-welded pipes Ø 508–1420 and thickness 6–40 mm of low-alloy steel types St 3, 10, 16GS, 17GS, 17G2S, 20 etc., with identical acoustic properties, and to detect discontinuity defects (cracks, incomplete penetration, incomplete fusion, slag shots, longitudinal and transverse discontinuity), according to API regulatory requirements. The roughness of pipes under examination is as after hot rolling. Examination is carried out under workshop conditions. Acoustic contact is of the aperture type and water is used as the contact fluid. The examination rate is up to 12 m/min.

Structure of the installation

The automatic ultrasonic examination installation includes the following basic units and systems:

  • mechanical acoustic unit with 16 ultrasonic converters mounted on two frames (8 on each frame). The frames are attached to the suspension structure;
  • “SCANNER” 16-channel automatic ultrasonic flaw detector with a data processing, displaying and archiving system, operating and debug software package and control unit;
  • weld tracking system;
  • coordinate system;
  • paint marking system;
  • contact fluid feed systems;
  • connecting cables and accessories;

The installation is structurally designed as a dust- moisture-proof instrument rack.

Capabilities of installation

An automated ultrasonic examination installation provides the following functions:

  • automatic examination of welds and weld region;
  • scanning the entire cross-section of metal;
  • weld tracking;
  • quality control of acoustic contact;
  • detection of longitudinally and transversely oriented defects according to API regulatory requirements;
  • in-process marking of defects;
  • presentation of results on the flaw detector display;
  • presentation of results on computer display;
  • storage of results (archiving).

The “SCANNER” ultrasonic examination installation uses the echo and echo-mirror methods in the aperture variant (gap: 0.5–0.7 mm).

The installation has a climatic design as per GOST15150:

  • temperature in examination zone: +5°C to +80°C;
  • temperature in auxiliary equipment area: +5°C to +30°C;
  • relative humidity up to 75 % at 0°C and atmospheric pressure 84–106 kPa.

In terms of resistance to adverse environmental conditions (climatic factors, dust, moisture) the installation is compliant with 4.1. as per GOST 23049- 84. In terms of mechanical strength the “SCANNER” automatic ultrasonic gaging installation complies with vibration-resistant construction as per GOST 12997- 84. In terms of resistance to aggressive environments the “SCANNER” installation complies with standard construction as per GOST 23049- 84. In terms of insulation protection the “SCANNER” installation complies with class 01 as per GOST 14254:

  • Power supply voltage: 220 ±10% V;
  • Power consumption: 100 VA;
  • Operating mode setting time: not more than 1 min;
  • Time of continuous operation: at least 24 hours;