AUMU “Scanner” Portable, multichannel flawdetector

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AUMU “Scanner” Portable, multichannel flawdetector

Portable multichannel fl aw detector – thickness gauge AUMU “Scanner” is the basis for establishment of small areas of automatic high-speed ultrasonic inspection in production flow for diff erent products. Depending on inspection purpose the detector may have up to 9 independent channels.

Nondestructive inspection and thickness gauging of weld joints and base metal of products is performed at a speed of up to 2 m/s.

Technical parameters
Number of channels up to 8+1
Operating mode video, radio, spectrum
Implemented methods resonance-frequency, echo, through transmission
Shock pulse generator
Pulse voltage 200V
pulse time 50…500 ns
generators operating mode serial, simultaneous
Pulse gate generating unit
Pulse gate generating unit 25 ns
gate length 100 ns…800mcs
number of pulse gates in each channel up to 7
Time measurement unit
time measurement discreteness 25 ns
time measurement interval 100 ns…1 ms
sound speed range 1000…9999 m/s
Frequency measurement unit
frequency measurement discreteness 10kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz
frequency measurement range 1.0…5.0 MHz
1.0…10.0 MHz
1.0…20.0 MHz
gain adjustment range 85 dB
band 1.0 … 20.0 MHz
sweep length 15…1000 mcs
sweep delay 0…500 mcs
Sensitivity time adjustment unit
DGS gain factor adjustment range 80 дБ
time interval of DGS gain factor adjustment 2 mcs…800 mcs
number of DGS points up to 8
Analog-to-digital transducer (ACP)
ACP digit capacity 10
accuracy ± 1 digit
digitization frequency 40…80 MHz
digit capacity 32
clock frequency 200 MHz
internal memory 64 MB
color liquid-crystal size 155 x 95 mm
modification film-type, airproof, 25 keys
dimensions 420 х 410 х 180 mm
mass 15 kg
voltage 220 V ± 10%
power demand 100 VA
continuous work time at least 24 hours
Detector can be connected to:
  • external computer;
  • distance sensor;
  • turning angle and photographic shutters sensor;
  • defect markers;
  • external mechanisms control unit.
Inspection results presentation

The results of automatic ultrasonic inspection depending on conditions of the requirements specifi cation may be shown on detector’s display or on the display of connected computer, storing them and printing on connected printer.