Compact flawdetector UIU «SCANER»

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Compact flawdetector UIU

Compact ultrasonic flawdetector UIU”Scaner” is a manual device of universal using for testing of base metal, polyethilen, plasic, ceramic. Multifunctioning is combined with simple managing and compact in this device.

Features of the device:
  • flaw detector and thickness gauge features;
  • easy adjustment and inspection, small size and weight;
  • time measurement and “X”, “Y” coordinates values;
  • storage of settings for certain piezoelectric transducers and inspected products;
  • storage of impulses image and accompanying information;
  • sensitivity time adjustment (DAC);
  • automatic gain adjustment (AGC) mode;
  • “two pulse gates” mode;
  • sound and light alarm;
  • battery charge control and discharge alarm;
  • integrated clock and temperature sensor;
  • detector available memory displaying;
  • printing of reports on connected printer;
  • copying of inspection results to connected computer;
  • interface language selection feature (Russian, English, Turkish);
  • input of associated comments.
Main technical parameters
Gain adjustment
  • 85 dB with 1 dB
  • discreteness
Frequency range : 1.0 … 10.0 MHz
Maximum scanning depth (longitudinal waves) 10000 mm
Gate movement : vertical and horizontal
Display color, liquid-crystal
Number of stored settings: 256
Number of stored display images: 1000
Number of DAC adjustment points 8
Number of channels 8
Operating temperature range -20 … +45 °C
Battery or mains supply от аккумуляторов или от сети 220 В
Dimensions 200 x 225 x 90 мм.
Weight (with batteries) 3,5 кг (с аккумуляторами)
  Front panel of  the device

Front panel of UIU

Back panel of the device

Back panel of UIU

Printout of inspection results

The results of ultrasonic inspection can be printed out in form of line-by-line table on a standard piece of paper (A4 format). The printer is connected to connecter on the rear panel of UMU “Skaruch” by means of cable.

Echogram printing example

Example of printing from UIU


Functional posibilities:

There is possible to adjust sensitivity time in the device. The DAC mode is used for this purpose. Adjustment can be done by up to 8 points. Also the device can be used as manual thikness gauge.Thansducerrs of P112(P111) must be connected to the device for this mode. Thikness measuremenet can be made with accuracy up to  0,1 мм. Flawdetector has 8 channels. It can be used in mechanical and automatic installations for ultrasonic testing (see.  UIU”Scaruch”).