UMU “Skaruch-PV1” Underwater inspection flawdetector

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UMU “Skaruch-PV1” Underwater inspection fl awdetector

Small-size ultrasonic flaw detector “Skaruch-PV1” – manual device for underwater inspection of weld joints and base metal quality with diving depth of up to 60 m. “Skaruch-PV1” detector has air- and shockproof housing and equipped with remote display. Eight-channel ultrasonic inspection unit UMU “Skaruch-PV1” allowing scanning inspection of weld joints and base metal of underwater sections of pipelines, is made on the basis of “Skaruch-PV1” detector.

Detector peculiar features
  • detector and thickness gauge features;
  • easy adjustment and inspection, small size and weight;
  • sensitivity time adjustment (DAC);
  • automatic gain adjustment (AGC) mode;
  • integrated clock and temperature sensor;
  • displaying and storage of inspection results on connected computer.
Main technical parameters
Gain adjustment 85 dB with 1 dB discreteness
Frequency range 1,0 … 10,0 MHz
Scanning range 0…10000 mm (longitudinal waves)

Number of DAC adjustment points

Operating temperature range -20 … +45 °C
Input supply 220V
Supply for flawdetector 12V
Dimensions diameter 163 mm, length 240 mm
Weight 4,0 kg (in the air)
Display dimensions 150x102x80 mm
Display weight 1,8 kg
Remote TFT display with resolution 320х240 pix.
Dimensions of power adapter and computer connection 300x120x250 mm
Weight of power adapter and computer connection 3,8 кг

UMU “Skaruch-PV1” for underwater ultrasonic inspection

UMU “Skaruch-PV1” for underwater ultrasonic inspection

Eight-channel ultrasonic inspection unit UMU “Skaruch-PV1” is based on “Skaruch-PV1” flawdetector. The unit allows scanning inspection of weld joints and base metal of underwater sections of transfer pipelines Ø 508…1420 and thickness 7…40 mm with diving depth of up to 60 m.

8-channel underwater flawdetector

“Skaruch-PV1” composition:

1. Underwater set:

  • eight-channel flaw detector – thickness gauge “Skaruch-PV1”;
  • remote display;
  • multielement acoustic unit with embedded information cable;
  • mechanical device with inspected distance sensor.

2. Control and power connecting cable

3. Power and computer link unit.

4. Computer.

Control and power connecting cable

Unit technical parameters

  • “Skaruch-PV1” weight – 26 kg;
  • control and power connecting cable:
    • length 100 m
    • diameter 10 mm
    • cable permissible load 300 kGf.
  • connecting cable drum size 550x300x350 mm;
  • power and computer link unit is equipped with USB for PC connection, 220V power connector and connector for control and power cable.



multielement acoustic unit with embedded information cable

Scanning of the butt weld joint is performed by the inspector moving the mechanical acoustic unit along the weld joint axis. On each millimeter of weld joint there is simultaneous scanning of the joint crosssection on both sides. The unit operates in 16-stroke mode. Each stroke implements the specifi ed inspection scheme.

On each millimeter the flaw detector records pulse heights in all strokes which are then transferred to computer and processed according to specifi ed algorithm. Time gate system and microprocessing of signals received from the defect by each transducer allows identifi cation of the defect type (volumetric, planar, planarvolumetric) according to established algorithms and its characterization on each millimeter. In the course of inspection the results are presented on computer display
and on underwater remote display.



Power and computer link unit

If necessary the inspection results can be viewed after inspection on computer and printed out on printer connected to computer. Quality of the whole weld joint is evaluated based on inspection results according to regulatory documents.


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