Set of UIU “Scaruch” for oil companies

Name Price, RUR., with Tax
Flawdetector UIU “Scaner+” with power supply, case, certificate 566 580,0
MP2 – mechanical unit for welded joints UST two-side  joint access 126 840,0
MP1 – mechanical unit for welded joints UST one-side joint access ( for thickness measurement , UST of T-joint metal construction ) 94 200,0
AB1 – acoustic unit  for pipe welded joints testing H=4…26mm 92 400,0
Program for  AB1, Н=4…26mm,  (4 ranges.) 67 440,0
AB-129- acoustic unit for thickness measurement (thicknessmeter, UST of corrosion, laminations) including IC3(information cable) 97 920,0
Program for AB-129 ( Н=4…60 mm) (1 range) 16 860,0
Information cables (IC-1, IC-2) 45 240,0
Charger(1 pcs) with accumulator (2sets.) 13 620,0
Case for ultrasonic set 22 020,0
Reference block for example testing 8 820,0
Set of PETs (6 pcs.) with conecting cables(4 pcs.) for handmode testing and sample* P112-5-Ø6/2 67 260,0
P121-5-65SL; 70SL
P121-2,5-60SL; 65SL
SP5-75 KUS
2 double cabels
2 single cabels
Unit  UN-1  for lap welds  testing with PET set: P121-5,0-70S (23х15х20) – 2pcs.; P121-5,0-65S (23х15х20) – 2pcs.; P121-2,5-65S (23х15х20) – 2pcs.; P121-2,5-60S (23х15х20) – 2pcs.  and Reference block**** Н=10мм (“notch” top-bottom, drilled hole S=S”notch”.) 120 240,0
mini-USB cable . CD with program for PC. 2 760,0
Training for working on equipment (3 days – 1 group) 29 400,0
ИТОГО: 1 371 600,0


for hand UST Refernce blocks can  be supplied, according to СТО «ГАЗПРОМ» 2-2.4-083-2006 and other procedures. Equal values “diameter x thikness” of Reference block get from Customer. One Reference block price : от 8 280 RUR./pcs. (with taxes).

** for small diameter pipes UST (Ø14…114mm)  there can be supplied special PETs ( «DUET», RSM-5F, P122-5X) and reference block with drilled hole.  Customer is need to explain exact values  “diameter x thikness”  One reference block price: 5 640 RUR./pcs. (with taxes)

***  For UST of tanks throuh underseal – it can be supplied for additional price special features with Reference blocks, program(for thicknes up to 16 mm)according to РД 19.100.00-КТН-299-09; РД 77.060.00-КТН-234-12; РД-25.160.10-КТН-015-15.

**** For UST  of cross flaws and cross welded joint  it can be supplied  refernce block  for customers thickness request. Н=10 мм is shown as example.