Set for automated UST of ring welded joints (model «UMKa» with flexible shaft)

Flawdetector UIU “Scaner+”[M] -metal case, 8-channel with power supply,case, certificate, built-in accumulator. Charger(1 pcs) with accumulator block (1pcs.)
 Transporting system:

  • Drive of longitudinal moving;
  • Drive of accross moving;
  • Device for raise and down of acoustic unit-AB;
  • Mechanical unit MP2-U2.
Supporting band with accessoires( by customer`s choice)* :
Acoustic unit for gap contact:
AB111ЩУ2 (Н = 7…14,9mm)
AB112ЩУ2 (Н = 15…21,9mm)
AB113ЩУ2 (Н = 22…28,9mm)
AB114ЩУ2 (Н = 29…35,9mm)

(special acoustic unit can be supply additional to main order  for testing pipes with higher strength class for specific  thikness and thikness range., and also can be supplied  gap acoustic unitof gap contact AB129ЩУ2- for finding laminations and corrosion in near weld zone)

Set of conecting cables  (main cable lenght – 7,5m)
Minibath with mini pump
Software for viewing testing results  (ndtsystem2)
Case for system, mini-tabel
Set of static calibration (minibath, cable)
Stand-alone power supply (petrol generator) with filtre
PC-notebook with connecting  accessoires
Reference blocks static, dynamic.
Training for working on equipment (3 days – 1 group)on Supplier equipment.

Note: * Price by request.