Range of ultrasonic transducers manufactoried by companyThe Ultes offers piezoelectric transducers (PETs) with ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gauges domestic and imported, meet the requirements of existing regulations. The Ultes produces the following types of piezoelectric transducers:

General purpose transducers

Normal transducers (series P111)General-purpose transducers are suitable for most NDT jobs. The upright, oblique and separated-combined converters produced are designed to provide high reliability and up-to-date performance and operating characteristics. Learn more »



Specialized transducers

Specialized ultrasonic transducersSpecialized converters are used when the application of ordinary converters is difficult, impossible or inefficient. Specialized piezoelectric converters have given a good account of themselves in various branches of industry. We have favorable reports from different enterprises. Learn more »




Transducers for underwater ultrasonic examination

Transducers for underwater ultrasonic testingWhen used underwater ultrasonic testing transducers made ​​in a special housing version – for easy operation in a glove diver. The converter uses sealed plug connections. Learn more »



HF connecting cables

HF connecting cablesHF connecting cables up to 1.8 m long with “lemo”, BNC and CP50 connectors. HF connecting cables for underwater applications are available in lengths up to 50 m. Learn more »




FiltersFilters for unmatched piezoelectric converters to be used with wide-band Russian and foreign flaw detectors, for frequencies of 1.8, 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 MHz. Learn more »