Installing AUT circular welded joints series “SCAN” (model “Umka” with flexible shaft)

Installing AUT circular welded joints series

The unit is designed for automated ultrasonic testing of welds and base metal trunk oil and gas pipelines in the shop or in the field to detect unacceptable defects in circular pipe joints according to the requirements:

  • СТО ГАЗПРОМ 2-2.4-083-2006;
  • СТО ГАЗПРОМ 2-3.7-050-2006 (DNV-OS-F101);
  • РД 19.100.00-КТН-001-10;
  • СТО 00220 256-005-2005;
  • РД 153-34.1-003-01 (РТМ-1с);
  • ПБ 03-585-03;
  • API-5L;
  • and other regulatory documents.

Automated ultrasonic testing of welds performed with a scanning speed of 1.2 m / min. While testing occurs assessment of the nature and parameters of detected defects. At each millimeter weld occurs tracking acoustic contact. When using an external computer it is possible  to fix  defects amplitudes by  each channel .

Set for installing AUT circular welded joints series

Demonstration of the installation

The cost of a standard set