Installation for ultrasonic examination of base metal of pipes, steel sheets and vessels

Установка ПАУЗК основного металла труб, листов, сосудов

The installation is intended for ultrasonic examination of base metal with a coverage area up to 150 mm for detection of delamination and longitudinal and transverse flaws according to GOST 17410, API5, ISO 3183-3, ISO 10124 etc.

It is also used as part of a test trolley for the examination of bevels, verification of ultrasonic examination results and testing of steel sheets for delamination.

The installation includes:
  • “SCANNER” 8-channel ultrasonic flaw detector;
  • acoustic multi-element units with connecting cables;
  • “delamination-longitudinal-transverse” mode selection;
  • contact fluid (water) feed system;
  • paint marking system.
  • coordinate system